100th Anniversary Celebrations

Remembering our History

The Truro Music Festival Society celebrated our centenary anniversary in May of 2022. A couple of years earlier when deliberating how we might celebrate this momentous occasion, the board decided that it was important to have a written history of the past 100 years.

The first 75 years of the festival were covered in a book entitled "Making a Joyful Noise", written by Roberta Lindsay. The board approached Mrs. Lindsay’s daughter, Donna Hogan about working with them to write a second book covering the last 25 years. She agreed and we were proud to launch “More Joyful Noise” written by Donna Hogan at our 100th Anniversary Celebrations. To purchase your copy, see the details below!

We also commissioned a local graphic design company, JAS3D to design a new logo for the Truro Music Festival, which is shown here.

Since we were still dealing with uncertainty due to the pandemic, deciding how we could celebrate in a safe way was a concern. We decided to invite alumni of the festival who have continued to work in the field of music to submit video congratulatory remarks which we put together to show at the 2022 Closing Awards Concert. After the concert we celebrated with the book launch and refreshments. We hope you enjoy the following slideshow of that event!

TMF logo

100th Anniversary Slideshow