Checklist for Participating in the Truro Music Festival

New to the festival? Wondering what you need to do to participate?
This document is meant to give some general guidelines on where you should go to find the information you need to register and participate.

The Truro Music Festival is open to all those who have a talent and interest in performing music.
Review the General Rules to get familiar with the festival and how it runs.
To enter the festival, first find the Competition Class(es) you'd like to enter.
To see how to qualify for an award, check out the Award Criteria.
Review the Registration Information page carefully.
Registration to the Truro Music Festival are accepted though our Online Student Registration System. Both the registration AND the registration fee must be submitted before the registration deadline.
The General Registration Information page will give you a general idea of when and where you will perform.
Check back after the registration deadlines to see the Session Programs. They should be available mid-late February for the Musical Theatre group and mid-late March for the other competitions.
The program will tell you exactly when and where you are to perform. If for some reason you are not able to perform in the time slot given you please contact Kent Loughead (902 890-3431) immediately.
When choosing your music, please take note of these two important rules:
Performers, accompanists and adjudicators shall not use photocopied copyright music unless written permission is obtained from the publisher.  Proof of payment for a downloaded copy of such music will be accepted as the required written permission.  Presentation of unauthorized photocopied music will result in disqualification from the class.
Performers require two originals of own choice music selections; one for the adjudicator and one for the accompanist (if any).  Performers should also have original music for themselves if they are not performing from memory (e.g. instrumental performances with accompaniment).  Music is to be passed in to the registration desk at least 15 minutes before the class. Don't forget to fill out the Own Choice Form.
Results of the competition will be posted online after the Festival is complete.
If you have any other questions, please email info@TruroMusicFestival.ca

Registration Forms

Stage Seating Plan (Bands, Small Ensembles) MS Word PDF
Own Choice Music Form MS Word PDF
Volunteer Interest Form MS Word PDF
Donation Form MS Word PDF

Festival Forms Notes

We now request that all registrations are made through our Online Student Registration System. If this is not possible for you, please contact the Registrar at: registrar@TruroMusicFestival.ca
To login, or request an account go to the Online Student Registration Site
It is very helpful if you are able to open the MS Word version of the form on your computer, fill it out, print it off and then mail it to the Registrar.
If you wish to still use the PDF form then please print very clearly.

Provincial Registration Checklist

Solo performers nominated to take part in the Provincial Festival must complete a number of forms and return them to Ann Legere.  See the list below. The Competitor’s Letter has necessary information for performers.

Visit the Provincial Web site at http://www.fmfns.ca/forms/ for the following forms:
Competitor’s Letter (important information for all nominees)
Provincial Entry Form (Junior & Senior.)  (This form is signed by the adjudicator)
Performer Biography Form (completed by student and returned to Ann)
Waiver Form (for all competitors and accompanists)  (completed by student and returned to Ann)