2022 Truro Musical Festival

The Truro Music Festival has been a proud tradition of Truro and the surrounding communities since 1922 and are now celebrating our 100th year of competition! Recognized as the fifth oldest competitive music festival in North America, we will celebrate our anniversary with a concert in May of 2022, highlighted by the release of a new book authored by Donna Hogan on the previous 25 years leading to our centennial.

It is our hope that this year's festival will be in person, but we will be following all provinical health COVID guidelines. We look forward to seeing this year's group of competitors as we celebrate our 100th year!

About the Festival: A 100-Year Tradition!

The Truro Music Festival was founded in 1922 by Professor Harry Wellard. Prof. Wellard, organist at several Truro churches, taught music at the Nova Scotia Provincial Normal College. As the Supervisor of Music in Colchester County schools, Wellard was particularly interested in fostering its role in childhood education and development. His many achievements continue to be honoured 100 years later with the annual Festival. Instrumental in assisting Wellard in the very first festival were Margaret MacLean and Lois Richardson.

In the beginning, the Festival was only for schools and known as the Truro Choral Society Music Competition. Taking place on a single Saturday in May in the old Colchester County Academy, the competition was initially for town schools. It quickly grew to include county schools and today includes musicians from beyond the Truro area. Competition classes have also expanded with Musical Theatre, Monologues, Recitations, Jazz/Blues, Voice, Piano, Band, and Choir classes making up the syllabus. Using 4 different venues, the Festival holds classes from early March to late April, with an awards concert for Musical Theatre and a closing awards concert for the remaining disciplines. Bravo to Dr. Wellard and the many others who followed for their dedicated volunteer efforts in making the Truro Musical Festival a time-honoured tradition.

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