2024 Festival Executive and Committees

The Truro Music Festival is truly a community event. Not only does its success depend on a dedicate board of individuals that plan and work throughout the year, but it also depends on many volunteers with willing hands during the festival itself. It also depends on the generous donations from sponsors, community groups and individuals.
Take a look at the information below to see how you can participate in the upcoming festival!
The following individuals make up our Truro Music Festival Board. We meet monthly to discuss and plan the upcoming festival.
President Andrew Thiesen
Vice President Cassandra Armsworthy
Past President Kent Loughead
Secretary Anne-Marie Campbell
Treasurer Leslie MacLaren
Committees & Membership:
Adjudicators Ann Legere
Advertising Karen Smith
Music Librarian vacant
Program Design René Wall
Scheduling Marie Braedley
Provincial Music Festival Ann Legere
Publicity & Social Media Danielle Richard
Registrar Rene Wall
School Liaison Marie Braedley
Statistics & Awards Colleen Armstrong-Shaw, Karen MacQuarrie
Webmaster/ Information Manager René Wall
Venue Coordinator Kent Loughead
Member at Large Cathy Boudreau


It would be impossible to run an event of this complexity without the assistance of our many generous volunteers. Becoming a volunteer can be very rewarding - not to mention fun! Many of our volunteers have been with us for twenty years or more!

There are lots of volunteer opportunities with the Truro Music Festival. We need volunteers on each of our Festival Committees, for example, most of which begin their work well ahead of the Festival dates. The areas that require the most support, as you would expect, are related to the class sessions themselves. We are always looking for people who are willing and able to help.

If you would like to become a festival volunteer, you can download and fill out a printable Volunteer Application Form, or you can email us at info@TruroMusicFestival.ca.
We need volunteers for:
Truro Music Festival Board
Venue Positions:
  • Secretary: to assist the adjudicators in managing the flow of entries and paperwork
  • Ticket Desk: to sell admissions, programs and passes
  • Door: to control the flow of traffic into and out of the performance venues
  • Music Desk: to receive and manage the copies of music submitted by the entrants
  • Number Board: to post class and performer numbers on the easel board
  • CEC: to help with setting up and taking down risers and equipment for choral and band classes