Registration Dates

Online Registration will open on: Dec 30, 2023
Competition: Registration Deadline: Adjudication Dates: Venue:
Musical Theatre, Jazz/Blues, Song & Dance, Monologues & Recitations January 26 March 4-7Marigold
Junior & Senior Piano February 24 March 25-27First United
Voice February 24 April 16-19Marigold
Bands & Instrumental February 24 April 24 - 26CEC
Choirs February 24 April 23First United
Awards Concert May 24 @ 7pmMarigold

Important Reminders

Registrations made after the Registration Deadline will be accepted for up to seven (7) calendar days. An additional $5 fee per class will automatically be charged.

Registration Fees

Type of Class: Entry Fee:
a) School choruses, choirs, classroom singing groups, family groups $20.00
b) Solos $20.00
c) Duets $25.00
d) Trios $25.00
e) Quartets $25.00
f) Groups of Five to Fifteen (Ensembles) $25.00
g) Community choruses, choirs, bands, school bands
(see class in syllabus)
$25.00 | $35.00 | $60.00 | $120.00


Registrations made after the Registration Deadline will be accepted for up to seven (7) calendar days. An additional $5 fee per class will automatically be charged.
The numbers below are the costs in general. To be certain of a fee for a particular class, please look it up in the syllabus.

Notes Before you Register!

The Festival Executive has given careful consideration to the classes in this syllabus. NO ADDITIONS OR CHANGES will be made for this year's Festival. Additional classes and suggestions will be accepted by any Executive member for consideration in next year’s Festival. If a duet, trio or ensemble consists of participants of various ages and/or levels, they must compete at the highest age, grade or level represented.
Please Note: in order to enter the competitive Multiple Ages category, there should be an age spread of no Less than 4 years and no more than 12 years.
Performers require two originals of own choice music selections; one for the adjudicator and one for the accompanist (if any). Performers should also have original music for themselves if they are not performing from memory (e.g. instrumental performances with accompaniment). Music is to be passed in to the registration desk at least 15 minutes before the class. Performers, accompanists and adjudicators shall not use photocopied copyright music under any circumstances unless written permission is obtained from the publisher. Proof of payment for a downloaded copy of such music will be accepted as the required written permission. Presentation of unauthorized photocopied music will result in disqualification from the class.
Participants are responsible for their own stage arrangements, e.g. props, music stands, unusual lighting, etc., and are also responsible for returning the stage to its original state for subsequent performers. Band entries will receive assistance in set-up and take-down. Conflicts in scheduling sometimes occur. Where a competitor is entered in time-conflicting classes, the teacher or competitor must elect to withdraw from sufficient classes to avoid the conflicts.
If you perform as well as play for other performers, please tell us in the comments section of your registration the names of the other performers whom you will be accompanying. If possible we will try to accommodate you in the schedule. Duet, trio and quartet registration fees must be paid in full by one person, usually the person making the registration online. The Registrar will not accept partial payments (ie half the fee from one person in a duet and the other half from the other participant).